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"Di Padre in figlio" award: FRIEM wins for the category innovation


“Innovation means to us, evolving in continuity with our core values, it means working with passion, with a constant effort toward quality and sustainability to keep growing and enriching our experience” Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO FRIEM. 


The online tenth edition the award, sponsored by Kpmg, Credit Suisse and Luic university, was meant to celebrate the best Italian companies from the second generation on. 

8 categories running, alongside with the absolute winner: Capital/ governance opening; Women in charge; Brothers in charge;Young enterpreneurs ;Innovation; internationalization; Small businesses; History and tradition. 

FRIEM has been awarded for the category “innovation”, a great celebration of the company’s vision that, for over 70 years, has been working with competence, accountability and responsibility, respecting its own core values and history. 


Absolute Winner: Cantine Ferrari e Pastificio Rummo  

Opening capital: Pastificio Felicetti  

Women in charge: Spii  

Brothers in charge: Gruppo Davines  

Young enterpreneurs: Lucano 1894  

Innovation: FRIEM  

Internationalization: Lati  

Small businesses: Marinella  

History and tradition: Marchesi Mazzei 


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Premio Di padre in figlio 


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