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Introducing F&F, the italian NewCo for energy storage systems


F&F, the Italian newco for Energy Storage systems, has officially been launched.

The company, 60% owned by FIB S.p.A and 40% by FRIEM S.p.A, will produce Battery Energy Storage Systems. These systems will be proposed on the global market to serve the power plants for energy production from renewable sources, for the stabilization of networks and to support the Mini Grid (non-domestic) and Off Grid solutions.


FRIEM experience, for over 70 years in the global market of power converters for high power plants, is thus combined with FIB one, part of Seri Group, which cooperates with its expertise in the production and recycling of lithium and lead accumulators.


“F&F enhances two solid industrial experiences, by integrating them and improving their individual value in such an evolving and highly complex business, like Energy Storage systems “, said Lorenzo Carnelli, CEO of FRIEM”.

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