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hydrogen rectifiers for green hydrogen
PSU for green hydrogen production

Why are we all talking about green hydrogen production and its derivates?


Green hydrogen has been globally identified as one of the most important enablers to reach the zero emission within 2050, and contributes to the energy system’s modification. We know that reducing CO2 emissions and tackling climate change, are the most challenging goals of our generation as stated by COP26We need to take extraordinary action in order not to miss the goal of containing global warming below the 2°C. Every nation has been asked to accelerate the phaseout of coal, encourage investment in renewables and speed up the switch to electric vehicles.  


Hydrogen is an energy flexible carrier; if produced from decarbonized processes, beyond being the best candidate to reduce emissions in transport and heat, hydrogen does not produce emissions even in end use applications.

Therefore, it enables the renewables integration in power generation and clean energy distribution. Green hydrogen also seems to be the most promising solution to decarbonize the so called “hard to abate sector”, such as: many heavy industries, such as the steel, cement, and aluminium sectors, that employ extremely high-temperature processes.

How can we produce green hydrogen with current technology? 

Today green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water supplied by renewable energy.

FRIEM supports the green hydrogen value chain with technology and experience, supplying high performance converters dedicated to hydrogen energy conversion. FRIEM’s power supply unit, converts the AC power (supplied by renewables) to DC power for the electrolyzer. Our PSU (Power Supply Unit) is equipped with the power rectifier and all the equipment which are part of the hydrogen conversion system. Robust, efficient and purpose-built, FRIEM’s hydrogen rectifier pairs with the main electrolytic cells’ technologies (Alkaline, PEM and SOEC). 

In situation where plant space is narrow or restricted, not only the hydrogen rectifier and the whole PCU can be containerized as well.



Here’s some key points to describe FRIEM’s PCU in short:

  • Low impact on the voltage grid
  • Development of plug & play solutions
  • Technical support during the whole lifecycle of the plant
  • High efficiency of the system
  • Reduced footprint
  • Easy maintenance of each component


Hydrogen rectifiers for green hydrogen production are conversion systems suited to support the green hydrogen supply chain and, therefore, they are relevant for the decarbonization process.

If you need assistance on your hydrogen rectifiers, thanks to our local partners, we can reach you rapidly. Our remote service assistance can be an emergency solution or an alternative to the onsite inspection. Wherever you are, we are.



Find out more about FRIEM’ PSU main technical details here.


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