Service for rectifier systems to fit each customer’s needs

Our vast range of services for rectifier systems helps in reducing the lifetime costs of equipment and plants, while increasing their performances and efficiency.

We keep your equipment young

Alongside our technicians, we study about high technology solutions to replace obsoleted components and understand how we can minimise the risk of shutdown.


We transmit competence and knowledge

With bespoken training, we give our customers all the information to preserve their equipment properly, operate it at its maximum performance level, and prevent failures.

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Our service is without delay

Thanks to our local partners, we reach our customers rapidly. Our remote service can be an emergency solution or an alternative to the onsite inspection. Wherever you are, we are.


FRIEM Service for rectifier systems

Tailored Solutions for your need

English – March 2023

Tailored solutions for your needs

FRIEM provides a revamping service, which includes unit replacements or entire units upgrades such as control section, power section, and the cooling section, of any rectifier brands. This enables us to increase the efficiency and the reliability of your equipment.
You can schedule our onsite service to avoid unexpected shutdowns and to increase the life-cycle of your system. Our service engineer will find and fix all critical areas, to ensure your equipment’s maximum efficiency.

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