The value proposition

Converting energy for over 70 years

Since 1950 we support the heavy industry with our high current rectifiers. We are one of the 4 worldwide players in this business.

Transforming power destined to last tomorrow
We manufacture customized powerful systems, designed to support our customers and their big industrial plants for a long time. Once installed and started-up, we take care of our systems, over the time, with perseverance and efficiency.


Looking to the future and to the global markets, means acting close. FRIEM operates close to the industry, to the Italian hydrogen supply chain, and to the proximity markets. With a characterized diversification of our leading business, we compete with products and solutions for the renewable energy (energy storage, rural and industrial mini-grid), and we provide the sustainable mobility market with charging system and vehicles electrification.
Continuously evolving: since 1950 towards 2050

Growing for 70 years means for FRIEM continuously feeding an industrial heart with know-how, expertise, reliability and technological innovation. Today we hold a central role in the energy transition worldwide path. Especially for the decarbonization challenge, we are committed to support the green hydrogen production through electrolysis.

Looking forward, acting close