Since 1950 we convert energy for high industry

Our technology is young since 1950

With a constant technologic and productive update and a strong orientation toward specific customer needs, we produce high power converters for the heavy industry.


We transform energy to grant continuity

Our high power rectifiers transform the power coming from the grid (AC) in direct current (DC), through which we serve complexes and powerful industrial processes.

Power to serve

Our systems are custom-tailored developed and realized, following our clients’ specifications. After the commissioning, the service assistance is long-lasting: punctual and customized.


FRIEM Rectifier system

Rectifier and power converters for industrial application

English – July 2021

FRIEM DRP 7.0 Digital Regulator

Current-voltage Digital Regulator

English – July 2021

Reference List

FRIEM’s installed equipment

English – June 2021

Research generates value

Constant investments in research and development grant our products accountability and efficiency, for the hydrogen through electrolysis production, both also for the chlor-alkali and its derivate useful for the paper and medical devices industry. We develop power rectifiers for metal refining, aluminium and graphitization industries, as well.


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