A long experience moves toward the future

Expertise and technology to enhance new energies

For FRIEM expertise means innovation. Thanks to our know-how, we make a new kind of sustainable energy available to support the energy transition. With this purpose, we took our knowledges over to new markets.

Other Activities

Producing energy to recharge the mobility

We design and manufacture high power charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, providing the sustainable mobility market with innovative products. Moreover, thanks to our subsidiary Eyes, we electrify vehicles (minibus, bus and vans) to sustain communities with a “green soul”.

Supplying technology to support the renewables development


With our solutions dedicated to the energy conversion and management, we sustain with the subsidiary F&F, 40% FRIEM S.p.A and 60% FIB (Seri Industrial Group) the production and storage of clean energy through energy storage systems.

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