Producing green hydrogen to transform the energy of tomorrow

Hydrogen is an energy-flexible carrier. It enables the integration of renewables in power generation and clean energy distribution, helping to decarbonise the so-called “hard to abate sector”.

Green Hydrogen

Our commitment matches with our mission

Our long expertise has driven us to become a leader in the energy transition. Our converters have been working for the primary industry for over 70 years.

hydrogen rectifiers for green hydrogen
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Decarbonization: one way to step into 2050

Reducing CO2 emissions and tackling climate change, are the goals of the energy transition. Green hydrogen has been globally identified as one of the most important enablers to reach the zero-emission target by 2050.


FRIEM Converters for green hydrogen production

Rectifiers for large scale electrolyzers

English – April 2022

FRIEM HyCon station

Plug&play solution for green hydrogen production

English – March 2023

FRIEM: your partner for green hydrogen
production through electrolysis

We design and manufacture high-performance converters dedicated to hydrogen energy conversion. We also hold a central position in the green hydrogen supply chain, in-between the natural resources’ management and the end users, for both  Power to Gas and Gas to Power processes.

We plan together with the global leaders by sharing experience and knowledge,

We partner with international associations (European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, H2IT, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association FCHEA), to share knowledges and best practices.

Contributing to research projects

We contribute  European projects (EveryWh2ere) to increase hydrogen technology social awareness, thereby enhancing its application and benefit for the community.

Key concepts

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table (symbol H). It is the most abundant and the lightest chemical substance in the universe.

Reforming is the most widespread method to extract hydrogen from natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas and naphtha. Other processes include gasification and electrolysis.

Green hydrogen is when hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water supplied by renewable energy (wind, solar and hydropower).

Water electrolysis is an electrochemical process that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen use today is dominated by the oil refining, ammonia, methanol and steel production industries.

Hydrogen is essential for the decarbonisation of the energy system. It offers ways to decarbonise industrial processes; it also looks promising to be a lowest-cost option for storing electricity. Also, it can transport energy from renewables over long distances. Lastly, hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier in sectors like transportation, as well as to heat and power buildings.

Our solutions

Power supply units (PSU) for green hydrogen production.

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